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dialogoo Plugin: how to add dialogoo to Joomla ?

Dialogoo Joomla Usage Instructions

1.   Overview

dialogoo is a simple set of Joomla! plugins that allow you to embed Dialogoo chat to your website.

        dialogoo.zip the main plugin that actually inserts Dialogoo code

The plugins allow you to add Dialogoo chats to any existing page on your Joomla! that points to an article ('Article Layout').

2.   Install plugins

To install the plugins follow these instructions:

Download dialogoo.zip

1.      Unzip the file dialogoo.zip to any folder on your hard disk.

2.      Login to Joomla! administrator panel.

joomla login

3.      Select 'Extensions'Install/Uninstall from the Joomla! menu.

joomla extension

4.      Click the [Browse] button and locate the dialogoo.zip file on your hard disk.

joomla extension manager

5.      Click the [Update File & Install] button.

6.      You should see an Install Plugin Successful message. If not, check if FTP of your Joomla! configured or file permissions allow installing plugins.

install success

7.  Plugin is installed, now we need to enable it. Go to ExtensionsPlugins from the Joomla! menu.
enable plugins

8.  You should see the dialogoo plugins in the list of installed plugins with names: Content - Dialogoo

9.  Thats it. Installation is complete and can start using the plugin.

3.   How to add Dialogoo chats to Joomla! articles?

Once the plugins are installed follow the following steps to add:

  1. Open the article where you want the chat to appear via the Article Manager.
  2. Position the text cursor where you want the chat widget to appear and click the Dialogoo button below the editor.
  3. The button will automatically type for you the required plugin code:
    {dialogoo id=ID&width=640&height=400}
  4. Edit your ID and USERNAME to match those in your Dialogoo profile and save the article.
  5. That is all. Now each time the plugin sees the {dialogoo id=ID} text on any article on the website it will replace it with the Dialogoo code for that Id and Username.
  6. Note: By default the plugin adds dialogoo with width style of 100% and height style of 100%, but depending on your template it might display differently. If you want to specify other values for width and height you ca follow this example:

    {dialogoo id=ID width=800px height=640px}

    This code will embed a dialogoo chat with width of 320 pixels and height of 240 pixels.

joomla editor