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All these views are included in all dialogoo chats. You can switch these views within 1 click inside your admin panel. Choose your mode now.

Windowed chat


  • All chats are inside windows
  • invite for private chat
  • No exclusive cams in window

This chat is suitable for 1to1 video chat use.

suitable 1to1 chat

Try this windowed 4cam

Classy 4 cams


  • 4 fixed webcams
  • Global chat text
  • Invite for private chat
  • private exclusive cams in window.

Ideal for quick starting a webcam chat

Classical view for start

Try this classical 4cam

Tabbed mode


  • Global and private tabbed chats
  • Indiwindual webcam floatting windows
  • private chat in exclusive window

Mix of classical chat and 1to1 chat: ideal for viewing may cams.

modern multi 1to1 chat

Try the tabbed chat