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Webcam dialoogo chat

Dialogoo webcam chat is the quickest, simplest, neatest solution to start a webcam video chat. Just upload a few files on your server (pure PHP and JS) and get full webcam video chat. There is nothing to configure, no servers to setup.
Code is clean and small. It makes it easy for you to change it or to add new features to your new chat.

There is no ever database to setup. everything is handled by your PHP and your web server.
There is NO external calls, no external API, no hidden costs.

Just pure PHP and JS files to setup and you can run your OWN webcam chat

Some of chat Features you get

Start working with Dialogoo for a quick webcam chat.

Coded in pure php and JS

Webcam video chat

Fully Responsive

Browser Compatibility

With Emojis

No dependencies

File uploading Icons


W3c Valid Code

Admin interface

Easy to customize

Private chats