Purchase Dialogoo script

This script needs php>=5.6 to nbe installed on your server. There is no external dependencies other than PHP. No external calls. No hidden costs. No extra fees.

Life time
99 once time only
  • Full code source
  • Source Files
  • Free updates for 1 year
  • 1 year support
  • Ticket support
What do I receive once I made the payment ?

You will get the link for the WHOLE script with instructions to install it (infact installing is just.. copying files with FTP!)

How long does it take to get my script ?

Normally this is done automatically. If you don't receive it within 1 hour, please Contact us and we will send it manually

Is this script life time ?

Yes. this is FULL unlimited script. However FREE updates are for 1 year only. After 1 year you can decide to get updates for another uear (50€ / year after the first year)

Can I cancel my purchase and give my money back ?

No, you cannot once you receive the source code. That is why you can test the chat before you decide to purchase it. If you have some tehcnical issues, we can help you to fix them.

Have Question befor purchasing ? Contact us

You have some questions: please fill free to contact us on our contact page before you purchase the chat script.